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Oggi ho fatto un semplicissimo video-tutorial senza audio e senza orpelli per aggiungere una filigrana alle vostre immagini e renderla opacizzata… insomma una cosina carina. Eccovelo.. cliccate nel link sottostante per vederlo. Ho usato una risorsa on line gratuita, si tratta di Photoshop Express che trovate a questo link. Buona […]

Video tutorial per aggiungere filigrana ad una immagine con risorsa ...

Le scorciatoie di tastiera per tutte le versioni di Photoshop vedi link sotto PDF. Keyboard Shortcuts for all Photoshop’s version on download PDF: You can find all shortcuts organized into pages, and alphabetically key. Download for Mac and Pc or single. Another post with shortcuts: A presto, by […]

Keyboard Shortcuts for all Photoshop’s version

[end_tabset] Every day or when I find best freeby, I’ll add in this page. Site, graphics, web-designer or other with general freedownload texture, pattern, brushes. You remember to read term of use of each free resource.

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SCRIPT RESOURCE FREE: ADOBE.COM/devnet/photoshop/scripting.html: Adobe tutorial about scripts: TREVOR MORRIS: script free or custom. ADOBE FORUM: an interactive online environment for questions, ideas, suggestions, tips and tricks.of Adobe products. ADOBE PHOTOSHOP SCRIPT: download script, you must create an account registrations. For Photoshop exchange, you can find brushes and more. Adobe […]

Script Photoshop: resource free, tip and tricks

ADOBE.TV: TIPSQUIRREL.COM:  any autor produce a new tutorial, article, quiz, with nice generosity! LYNDA.COM: page’s information.  Video-tutorial free with subscription for access. There are more 945 tutorials free! The underline tutorial are free to watch, other tutorials requile a subscription to, you must pay. PHOTOSHOPESSENTIALS.COM: tutorials for all Photoshop […]

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